Ministry Goals

  1. To love and serve the Lord with our whole being. We also know that revival comes from the presence of the Lord, so to effectively live in revival, we must maintain personal intimacy. To do this, we seek to be aware of and dependent on His presence despite the busyness of ministry. We understand that it is possible to do ministry without maintaining our personal walk with the Lord, and we make it our first goal and priority to host His presence as a way of life.
  2. The primary focus of our ministry over the years has been to nurture the awakening and to see the body of Christ embrace a sustainable revival culture. Over the last few years this focus has intensified as we recognize that a worldwide awakening has begun. With the body of Christ on the verge of a great harvest of souls, we labor to help churches give complete freedom to the Holy Spirit and embrace the supernatural as a daily part of their message.
  3. We long to see the body of Christ fully equipped and released into ministry. This means contending for the dismantling of the clergy/laity divide so that every believer believes they are called to active fulltime ministry. It also includes the dismantling of the secular/sacred divide, which has restricted the gospel, so that believers are free to carry the good news into every realm of society.
  4. We are called to be fathers and mothers to the next generation. Our goal for the next ten years is to train up young men and women to be leaders in the revival. This involves training, mentoring, and getting the next generation involved in missions. We do this by making room for them and taking them with us, so they are introduced to what God is doing around the earth.
  5. Over the years we have done a significant amount of training, but in obedience to what we have heard from the Lord, we are working to get much of what we have learned into print. Our books and booklets on creating and sustaining a revival culture are a valuable resource for anyone hungry to live a revival lifestyle. Our intention is to follow up with a minimum of one book a year.
  6. We want to help churches with the transition to the next generation by teaching a model of team leadership that makes room for multigenerational involvement. This has begun at home where we are completing the transition of Dayspring into the hands of the next generation, allowing us the freedom to travel and yet still maintain an oversight role to the church.
  7. We seek to strengthen our relationship with the Global Awakening Network. We see Global as “our tribe.” And, even though we have maintained and intend to continue to maintain broad relationships, we believe that God has anointed Randy and the Revival Alliance to be the spearhead of the move of God in this day. We believe that our relationship to Global is a vital part of us fulfilling our purpose, and we have made ourselves available to serve Global in any way they need.