150 Years

Hi Friends,

We have just come home from Haiti where we ministered at a leaders’ conference for the Reach Apostolic International Network. This RAIN conference focused on the city of Port au Prince in an effort to see more church leaders trained in how to equip and release their people to live a naturally supernatural lifestyle. We love what we see God doing in this nation, which has been under the grip of the enemy for so many years.

Although we encountered significant resistance in the day sessions, the power of the Holy Spirit broke through in the evening meetings and filled hungry hearts with His wonderful presence. The team that traveled with us saw many healings and several significant miracles including blind eyes opening and a visible tumor disappearing.

The power of God released through His people is creating a significant church planting movement across the nation. Literally hundreds of churches are being planted as the people of God proclaim the good news of Jesus and demonstrate His goodness with signs and wonders. One of these new church plants has grown to become a powerful apostolic-hub, and as of today has planted over 75 new churches in the last 7 years! Join us in prayer for Michael and Andrea Brewer and the whole of their Reach International team based in Haiti as they steward the awakening they are experiencing.

We have had a week home to recover from this trip and at the same time celebrate my 70th birthday. What a joy we experience as we “mature.” Age is only a number and not a qualifying or dis-qualifying factor in the Kingdom. But in this most fruitful season of our lives, we truly appreciate your prayer for strength and stamina as we follow His direction. With Sally celebrating her 80th this year, we now have a combined 150 years on the earth between us. That’s a lot of years, and for most of them we have lived for sustained revival that awakens the nations to the wonder of our Lord Jesus.

On the 19th of Sept, we leave for Brazil. We will first spend time in Sao Paulo with a couple of our spiritual kids, Chede and Alexandra, and will be ministering with them in the work they have planted. We will then join the Global Awakening team and spend time equipping believers and ministering in several cities. We are so thankful for the relationship God has given us with Randy Clark, Tom Jones and the rest of this team of world changers. What a privilege to walk beside them as we see the Awakening spread across the globe. Join us as we believe for hundreds to be saved, healed and activated over the next couple of weeks.

We return from Brazil the 9th of Oct, and then on the 15th of Oct. we fly to Pennsylvania for a weekend of meetings followed by the Global Network Advance and the Voice of the Apostles. After the conference we bring Derek and Heidi Chester-Browne from South Africa home with us. They will spend a week ministering here at Dayspring where we will be hosting an ICLC network men’s retreat with Derek Chester-Browne and Danny Fisher as the speakers. It should be powerful!!

Living like King’s Kids

Steve and Sally Wilson