A New Season

Steve and Sally Wilson

A New Season

We had a wonderful if slightly windblown time in the hills of Tennessee. What an incredible place! It was such a blessing to spend time with Michael and Andrea Brewer and their family. What world changers they are!

The Elevate Conference in Maryville, Tennessee was exceptional. The leadership from the Well did a great job of hosting us and the worship team from Redemption Life church, led by Jihan Cox was outstanding, ushering in the presence of God in meeting after meeting. For a treat, listen to some of her music at jihancox.com.

We were so encouraged with the presence and power of God in the meetings. We saw many touched, strengthened, healed and set free. A couple of our favorite testimonies from the weekend involve both physical and emotional healing. One lady came to the conference under a great spiritual attack and wasn’t even sure she should be in the meetings. In her confusion she came through the fire tunnel on Friday night and with some follow-up prayer she was powerfully touched with great joy. She still walks in it.

Another testimony involved Julie, a precious woman of God who had been in a battle with bone marrow cancer. When we laid hands on her during one of the meetings, she went out in the Spirit and while on the floor, the Lord spoke to her that it was finished. The Holy Spirit’s power flowed through her and she has been feeling great and getting her strength back since that specific moment. We can’t wait to hear the doctor’s report.

We have a New Book

Gifts, Fruit and the Sound of Effective Ministry“. To be effective in ministry our life must display both the character and power of God. This means that growing both the fruit of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit are crucial to fulfilling our calling. This booklet focuses on the process and context for developing the fruit of the Spirit so that the character of Jesus can be fully formed in us. From that position we move away from a style or sound of ministry in which our gift attracts attention to ourselves and into a place where ministry is motivated purely by compassion. When Christ is formed in us in this way the world around us will catch a glimpse of the true nature of our wonderful Jesus.

Do us a favor and buy a copy either on our website steveandsally.org, where we have it on sale this month, or buy it direct from Amazon. Also, it would be a great blessing to us if you would take the time to do a review of this book on Amazon. And if you are in the mood, you could do a review of any our books that you have read. It really helps us get the things we have written out to a wider market.

We still have a few places left for you to travel with us to South Africa in April. The team will arrive into Johannesburg, South Africa, April 17th and fly home from Johannesburg on April 29th. If you are interested in being a part of this life-changing trip, there is more information on our website, steveandsally.org. The deadline for applications to be in is March 1st so download the application now and get it sent in soon.

We have this weekend home at Dayspring enjoying our church family but even more exciting is getting acquainted with our new granddaughter, Alice Margaret Wilson. She is Philip and Hannah’s newest addition to their family, born while we were in Tennessee.

Then Monday morning we fly to Belize for a week of meetings and fellowship with a network of churches. Thank you for your prayer and support, we couldn’t do this without you.

Living like King’s kids,

Steve and Sally