Building Bridges

Steve and Sally Wilson

Building Bridges

Hi Friends,

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. We flew to Barbados and spent a few days celebrating our 48th anniversary. Then we followed up our special time of reminiscing by joining David Durant at his annual Eagle Eye Conference. Leaders from across the Caribbean gathered and we saw God touch many lives, stirring a hunger for a move of God in their region.

Then after two days at home (just enough time to wash a few clothes) we flew to Switzerland for a powerful weekend of meetings. Our time in Basel with Chris and Alma earlier this year has born some beautiful fruit and the Holy Spirit is beginning to move in the region. We spoke in the Awakening meetings they have started and ministered in two different local churches. It was very encouraging to feel their hunger for more and we saw many healed and activated. The next generation in this nation is beginning to wake up to the presence and power of God!

We flew from Basel directly to Pennsylvania for the ANGA retreat. It was so good to spend time with the Global Awakening family and we had a great time of fellowship and building relationships. It is such a privilege to be able to experience the diversity of the different streams and be able to build a bridge between us so that we cross-pollinate the DNA we each carry. The body of Christ becomes so much richer and fuller when we learn to value gifts and callings different from our own.

We returned home just in time for a conference with Surprise Sithole. Surprise heard the voice of God at the age of 15 when the Lord told him to leave everything and in obedience, he left his family and gave his life to follow Jesus. Surprise now serves as the International Director of Pastors for IRIS Ministries where he helps oversee the rapidly spreading revival in southern African, with over 7,000 new churches birthed since 2000.

Our time with Surprise was an extraordinarily powerful weekend. From the first meeting the presence and power of God was flowing through every part of the service. Many were touched as faith was released for more. With all the wonderful things we witnessed, one moment stands out and, to describe it, we pass on a Facebook post from one of our young leaders.

This moment marked me forever. Over the weekend my church (Dayspring) here in Springfield, MO had a conference and our keynote speaker was Surprise Sithole. On Sunday, he was asked to come on stage while we washed his feet as a church. This was symbolic to breaking racial prejudices in our city and in the world. How beautiful is this? Where bigotry and hatred show their face, my Jesus shows His brighter. Where slavery and bondage tighten their grip, my Jesus bursts forth with glorious freedom! Where sorrow and remorse flood, Jesus reigns with peace and redemption. There isn’t a divide so big or cruel that my Jesus can’t heal it. This isn’t about the left or the right. It isn’t about activism or agenda. It isn’t about white or black. It’s about Jesus and what a room and heart and body and city and world can look like when HE steps into them. When HE is given the submitted hearts of His own children that cry out, “reign supreme over all injustice!” And then live like they long for that to happen. This moment doesn’t need to go viral because it’s going eternal.

The live streaming of our services are uploaded, so just click on Dayspring to watch this unfold. The foot washing took place about 46 minutes into the meeting.

Next week we set off again, going north first to visit churches in Huron and Pierre SD. Then after the weekend with them, we fly to Haiti for a Leaders Conference with Reach International. Mike and Andrea have established a network of 90 churches that have in turn planted over 600 other new churches over the last 7 years. The theme for the meetings this year is Activate and the gathering will draw together leaders from across the nation who are hungry to carry the DNA of revival. The fruit coming out of this conference will be tremendous as the network feels they are on the verge of another wave of increase for Haiti.

Finally, there is still time to go with us to South Africa later this year. We will be going back again this November, helping lead a Global Awakening team. Our time on this next trip will be spent doing street ministry and crusades in three of the townships as well a conference in the Lighthouse church. Why not join us for this great adventure? We promise – you will not be disappointed. If you are interested in traveling with us, go to and under the ministry trips tab, sign up to be part of our team. We would love to have you with us.

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