Connecting and Expecting

Steve and Sally Wilson

Connecting and Expecting

Hi Friends

It was good to spend the month of April in the States with some time at home and trips to Florida and Arizona. We had a wonderful time in Destin, Florida at the Activate Conference and we were privileged to be able to have some real impact on the lives of individuals as well as watching relationships between ministries form in the region. Then we flew from there to Arizona to make an appearance at my 51st high school reunion as well as ministering at the Relentless Love Church in Scottsdale. Then we spent a glorious weekend with Bob and Carolyn Sawvelle at the Passion Church in Tucson. What a hungry group of people and what a joy to feel the connection with these wonderful leaders in the body of Christ. If you are ever in the area, this church family is a gem!

We came home with great expectation for all we see God doing and know that the level and intensity of His presence is steadily increasing. We came home just in time for the Iris conference here at Dayspring. Heidi Baker and Will Hart ministered at the Live to Love conference and, as we expected, it was an amazing time together. The depth of worship and the level of impartation was excellent! We walked away with a keen awareness of the responsibility we each carry to demonstrate the love of Jesus.

The 8th of May we set off to China to spend time with Mike and Deena Van’t Hul. They are two amazing sold-out lovers of Jesus and the team they have assembled is such a joy to be with.

Their base is in the middle of a village and we enjoyed spending time walking the streets getting a real feel for the people and the culture. We are so encouraged by all we saw and excited by the evident favor that surrounds their work. It was good to hear that in the next few months their new facility will be ready to open. What a miracle of provision!

The focus of our time was ministering to the staff and strategizing with them on ways to expand the influence of the Kingdom of God in their region. We watched God awaken their hearts and birth passion to reach out to their neighbors with the good news.

We also spent time with the children in the home. These young people really are hidden treasures. What a joy to pray for them and believe God for the miracles they each need.

We felt a real and deep connection to this team and to the amazing people they work with. This was especially so for Sally who has had China on her heart since she was a little girl. It would be very easy for us to find ourselves spending a lot of time in this nation.

It is good to have a couple of weeks at home at the moment, even though we are working to readjust our body clocks to the 13-hour time difference. Spending time with our Church family and especially the grandkids is very special to us. We leave a big piece of our heart here every time we travel.

This weekend we will be in Ardmore, Oklahoma with Andy and Jamie Rudd to celebrate the anniversary of the work they planted there ten years ago. Then we pack our bags again and head out on the 11th of June to South Africa. Pray for us as we pour into three different churches all hungry for a powerful move of God.

Living like King’s kids,

Steve and Sally Wilson