Cultivate Revival

Steve and Sally Wilson

Cultivate Revival

Hi Friends,

We are home from a wonderful month in South Africa. This week, as we boarded the flight, I was reminded of a comment Sally made recently. As we settled into our seats on the plane she leaned over and whispered, “I think there must be something wrong with us when the moment we fasten our seat belts we feel at home.” It does seem to accurately describe our life in this season and we love every minute of it. In fact, it’s just half way through the year and we’ve flown over 100,000 miles, equivalent to 4 times around the world.

This trip was primarily focused on spending time with the leadership of the churches that are pursuing a revival culture. We have the privilege of helping them equip the body of Christ to carry both the message and the power of the gospel out into the marketplace. As we reflect on this trip we sense a growing expectation for all we see God doing, and we recognize that the level and intensity of the presence of God is steadily increasing.

The first two weeks were spent in the Johannesburg area where we stayed in a restful little boutique hotel. We ministered in two different churches and saw in both places the body growing, with salvations, healings and encounters with the presence of God in every service. The most surprising and rewarding meeting of the trip was a gathering of 70 pastors and leaders. From the first moment we began to share, the Holy Spirit worked on the open and hungry hearts in the room and we saw some profound breakthroughs in the lives and relationships in the room.

The last two weeks we spent in Secunda, where we were able to present Derek, pastor of the Lighthouse Church, with an offering taken up by the church in China when we were there in May. They sent their gift with us as a seed sown into the revival that is beginning to grow in South Africa. What an honor to work with men and women so committed to seeing the purposes of God fulfilled in our day.

While we were with this amazing body of hungry believers we did two training sessions. The first, focused on the fivefold ministry, celebrating the fact that we are created by God to need each other. We are designed to work together, valuing our diversity and being aware of our desperate need for each other. We then spent three nights on one of our favorite subjects, Cultivating Revival, and each night the incredible presence of God produced many testimonies of God at work activating His people.

The last night the presence of the Holy Spirit was so tangible in the worship that we spent much of the evening just basking in His incredible grace. We ended the night with a time of impartation and many had profound encounters with the power of God. We feel so at home with these hungry, laid-down-lovers of God and can’t wait for the next visit.

We will be back again this November, helping lead a Global Awakening team. Our time on this next trip will be spent doing street ministry and crusades in three of the townships as well a conference in the Lighthouse church. Why not join us for this great adventure? We promise – you will not be disappointed. If you are interested in traveling with us, go to and under the ministry trips tab, sign up to be part of our team. We would love to have you with us.

Of course it wasn’t all work; we took time out to see some of the beauty of this nation and paid a visit to a game reserve. There are few things as relaxing as taking in the glory of God’s creation and wondering at the infinite creativity we see in nature. We so enjoy spending time soaking in such raw beauty.

We thank you so much for all your prayer and support as we seek to fulfill all God has put on our hearts for this season of our lives. There is one practical way you could help us. We need as many people as possible that have read our books to go on to amazon and do some reviews for us. Just click on the link and it will direct you to the page.

We are now home for a couple of weeks then July 30th we fly to Barbados for the Eagle Eye Conference. But this trip is not all work; we are sneaking off a few days early to celebrate our 48th anniversary before the meetings start.

Living like King’s Kids,

Steve and Sally Wilson