Presence, Power and Glory

Steve and Sally Wilson

Presence, Power and Glory

We want to first thank you for all the cards, flowers and gifts we received; we feel very loved in this season of celebrating our daughter. It has been a challenging time filled with memories and emotions, but we have also felt some of the deepest peace we have ever experienced. We are doing well but realize that our emotional energy is lower than normal. This has made ministering here in South Africa a little challenging but people have given us a lot of grace. We are slowly strengthening, although we are both missing home and family at the moment.

Just a week before our daughter went into the hospital the Lord gave me this word. As with the apostles, the glory of My nature is being reveled through the pressure of the circumstance. The greater the pressure the more magnificent will be the release of My power and presence. So often in our lives we find the word of God tested before we step into the full manifestation of it. And in this season we have felt some of the most intense pressure we have ever experienced. However, we have positioned ourselves on His promise and like the apostle Paul we are convinced that our circumstances are being turned for an even greater release of the glory and power of the Gospel (Phil 1:12).

We have just finished up the first leg of our trip to South Africa and the team that has been with us flies home today. We came herewith the intention of taking a toll and we have seen many more salvations this trip than usual. It was like picking low hanging fruit. We know without a doubt that what the enemy meant for evil is being turned for the greater progress of the Gospel.

We ministered first in Nelspruit where we did an Easter conference for Surprise Sithole. Then we moved to Secunda where we did a few days of street ministry in the township of Leandra, followed with power packed meetings in the evenings. Every team member witnessed the power of God working through them, as they saw people healed and saved both on the streets and in the mall. We finished up our time here in Secunda with an Encounter conference in the Lighthouse church and the presence of God throughout was intense and refreshing.

Sally and I will be traveling here in South Africa for an additional 3 weeks and you can follow our progress on We value your prayer as we minister; we know this will be a time of healing for us, but we are asking for an even greater demonstration of God’s presence and power. Thank you so much for your prayer on our behalf, we feel the strength of the intercession holding us up.

Living like King’s Kids

Steve and Sally