With Grateful Hearts

Steve and Sally Wilson

With Grateful Hearts

Hi Friends,

What a wonderful time of the year. Sally and I have just had a couple of days in Lake of the Ozarks, celebrating thanksgiving with our family. Being raised on the move and traveling for much of our lives, there are very few family traditions we have held on to but thanksgiving has always been one of the most special for us.

The opportunity to be with people we love and cherish in an atmosphere of gratefulness is one of the foundations that we build our lives around. It is so much more than celebrating an event, the joy that this time of year brings has become a lifestyle we actively embrace.

On that note, we want to express a special thank you to each of you who have partnered with us in prayer and financial support throughout this year. Because of your generosity and faithfulness we have been able to travel to the nations; freely going anywhere the Holy Spirit directs without any concern other than obedience to Him. We have watched the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk and we have witnessed the transforming power of the Gospel. The manifest goodness of our wonderful King is drawing men and women to Himself in a growing awakening of the body of Christ across the globe.

Our time in South Africa over the last couple of weeks with the Global Awakening team from several nations of the earth was truly amazing. We so enjoyed leading this smaller team where the setting is more intimate and we have the opportunity to get to know people. God is doing amazing things through anyone who will stay hungry for more.

From the moment we arrived we watched as the Holy Spirit open doors and touch lives. It is actually hard to put into words much of what we experienced but, the first weekend while in Johannesburg, we watched as the Lord gave us the extraordinary opportunity to influence some amazing churches that are pressing in for more. It is such a privilege to lay down our lives for the King and then live for His pleasure.

After a night in a game lodge we drove to Secunda where even the staff in Graceland, the hotel where we spent much of our time, received us and many asked for prayer. Then, in the street ministry and in the night meetings we saw so many healed and saved. We usually see something new each trip and this time it happened during one of the tent meeting. As the team was giving Words of Knowledge, we witnessed God open three blind eyes as soon as the word was given and before we even had time to pray. He really does send forth His word and heal.

The trip was capped off with an awakening conference in the Lighthouse Church in Secunda where the presence and power of God was tangibly present. So many responded to the work of the Holy Spirit and there is a corporate anointing for Awakening that the Lord has placed on them.

We are more than humbled by the influence God has given us in this season. And the favor we are experiencing in this nation means that we will be making at least three trips next year. With all that is happening, our life is busier than we would have ever imagined and at the same time we are more fulfilled than we ever could have ever dreamed.

If you want to join us on one of our adventures next year we still have room on the April trip to South Africa, or you can join us in November for the Global Awakening trip. To join us in April, we have included the details at the end of this email on how to apply.

Living like King’s Kids

Steve and Sally Wilson