Year of New Beginnings

Steve and Sally Wilson

Year of New Beginnings

Hi Friends

Welcome to the year of New Beginnings. We want to start by expressing our deep appreciation for your prayer and support of our ministry; we quite literally can’t do this with out you. But this image is also our prayer for you this year. There are things in your life that seem impossible, but it’s time to get the scissors out. This year it’s time to step out of the limitations of your history and believe for more.

You can do it and you will do it. Through fellowship with the Holy Spirit you will be empowered to accomplish things that you have been unable to do before. We pray that as you enter this year, your faith will strengthen and increase so that you are able to step out with new boldness.

Personally, we have seen so much over the last few years and yet the more we see the more we know that we haven’t seen anything yet. In this time of the harvest we are each going to experience an increase of the manifest presence of God working with us until the impossible begins to feel normal.

One couple in our church is getting a New Beginning this year. Just before Christmas they had a fire in their home and lost everything. We felt as a church we were to take on the task of helping them rebuild, and we are so blessed by the way the body of Christ has rallied around them.

It has meant that our time home has been a little busier than we had anticipated but it has been such a blessing to pour ourselves out for others. If you would like to help with this project, you could go on line to and donate under the Dayspring Missions tab designating it for the Smith house.

We leave this Sunday evening Jan 14th traveling to Recife Brazil where we will spend the week teaching at the school at Shores of Grace School of ministry as well as spending time pouring into their staff.

Then after a week home we spend the first three weeks of February in Europe where we will be ministering in the Netherlands, Germany and then in France. Between meetings we get to do something we have always wanted to do which is to spend a few days in Wittenberg, Germany, the city where Martin Luther nailed his theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church giving birth to the Reformation.

Pray with us and for us the next few weeks; winter is not an ideal travel month so stand with us throughout this period for all the commuting and travel to go smoothly; with no weather delays, or flight cancellations. As you pray for our travel, pray as well for continued good health and stamina.

Pray also for an increase in the miraculous. Europe needs a demonstration of the power of God so that they can respond to His goodness. We saw real breakthrough in this last year and we are asking you to stand with us, as we believe for more.

Finally, one of our goals for this year is to create a website to help with the promotion of our books as well as the development of our partner base. We need the right connections that understand the process and can help us get this done.

We thank you again and want to express our deep appreciation for your love and prayer as we seek to walk in obedience to do all God is asking of us this year.

Living Like Kings Kid’s

Steve and Sally

P.S. If you are near Springfield in January don’t miss the Passion Conference

PASSION FOR JESUS CONFERENCE – JAN 17th- 20th. Register now for this conference at Dayspring. The speakers are: Chad Dedmon, Co-founder of Encountering Jesus Ministries. Chad served on the Pastoral Staff at Bethel Church and is on the leadership team of Iris Global Ministries. He also co-authored the book “Risk Factor.” Jamie Galloway who Randy Clark recognizes as an “On fire Prophetic Evangelist.” Jamie is also the author of Supernatural Revolution: A Prophetic Vision for the 21st Century. Other speakers include Cristi Harris and Carla Triplett who both serve on the pastoral staff of Dayspring. Conference registration is $20 per person or $30 per couple. Register online at Or you can register by calling the Dayspring church office at 417 864 4338