Hands of Jesus


Published 2003
Publisher Powerhouse Publishing
ISBN-10 8790981073
ISBN-13 978-8790981075


“Philip Mohabir’s passionate, biblical and thorough approach to the fivefold ministry of Ephesians 4 has combined inspiration and instruction to provide us with an essential handbook for church planters and mission movements around the world.” John noble. “A brilliant book! Philip has succinctly unfolded the fivefold gifting that is essential for church growth. He writes with the mind and heart of a church planter and mentor.” Chua Wee Hian. “Hands of Jesus challenge the reader to understand and accept the Ephesians 4 gifts for today’s church. Philip brings a balanced biblical exposition to this subject, together with illustrations from his rich experience over many years as a gifted leader in the church. Every leader should read this book and ask themselves, ‘which gifts do I possess, and which ones do I need to connect with, in order to function as a better leader for God'”. Paul C. Weaver. Philip Mohabir’s apostolic ministry qualifies him to write this book which I consider a most thorough analysis, vindication and sober application of the 5 fold ministries for today. Those advocating the dominant 3 fold bishop, priest and Deacon structure need to consider this material if they are to understand why many think it necessary to recover these ministries in a Christocentric way here presented by Philip. Roger T. Forster. This is by far the most informative book that I have read on a vital but rarely addressed subject. Written by a servant of God with whom I have had the pleasure and benefit of working for over twenty five years. The book is amazingly rich in both biblical insights and practical experience. It is a major contribution to a critical aspect of God’s work in today’s church and world. Dr. Winston McGowan.

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