Blind Eyes Open


Tonight we prayed for a young man named Lucas who was born blind in his left eye. He came up to us in response to a word of knowledge given about blindness. We laid our hands on his eye and commanded sight. After praying a couple of times there was no change, so we asked a few more questions. In the reinterview we found out that he had been born with no connection between the optic nerve and his eye. We prayed again, speaking life and connection to the optic nerve and this time he could see light but could not distinguish faces.

We prayed a again; this time we commanded healing to all the parts of the eye and when we checked, he could begin to see features on the faces of those of us standing around him, but it was still not clear. So we prayed again and spoke to the muscles controlling the lens; he could then read the words on the overhead screen. He told us that he had received at least 70% of his sight in the eye. After the healing, he told us that he had been to many doctors and all had told him that there was no hope without a miracle. After we had finished praying, a young lady from Malaysia who had been praying for him with me took him up to the platform to give his testimony.