Cora’s Restaurant


Steve and I were having breakfast at Cora’s Restaurant in Regina, Saskatchewan. During the course of our meal our server came to refill coffee. Her name was Launa. Steve looked up at her, spoke her name, (she wore a name tag) and began to speak a word of encouragement concerning Loyalty to her. She graciously received the word and after some small talk she continued waiting on tables.

About 5 months later, my wife and I decided it was time for new furniture. wanting something unique, we decided to have an interior designer come to the house and draw something up for us. The furniture store we were at offered this service free of charge, so an appointment was set up. The interior designer who came to the house was Launa, the server from the restaurant. I asked her if she also works at Cora’s, to which her eyes lit up and said yes. I reminded her of the time Steve and I came in for breakfast; it wasn’t until I said the part of the word Steve had for her that she connected the dots.

She remembered it well and said she thought of it often. She said she had never experienced anything like that. I spoke with her about the love of God, the destiny in Him that He gave her as her birthright. The seed planted 5 months earlier got watered that day, the increase of her precious soul is just a matter of time.