Dyslexia Healed


I grew up with dyslexia. When I was in the sixth grade I was reading on a third grade reading level. I was going to be held back from going on to the seventh grade, so over the summer my parents got me a tutor. She was able to teach me to read but it was all for show, I still was unable to comprehend what I was reading. November 2011 Bill Johnson was at our church and had a word of knowledge for learning disorders. I stood up and people around me prayed for me, as they did I felt two defibrillator paddles on my head and suddenly a pulse of electricity caused my whole body to jump. I picked up my manual from the conference and opened it and for the first time was able to read and understand what I read.

February 2013 I had the opportunity to travel with a team to Oaxaca, Mexico to a children’s home on a mission’s trip. In the Sunday morning service the team was asked to release a word of knowledge, as I prayed I heard learning disorders. Instantly satan started trying to silence me but I made a declaration to not be silent. I released the word and Steve Wilson shared my testimony and gave the alter call. Twenty children came to my line and as I released what God had touched my life with fifteen of them came back and were able to read and comprehend.

July 2013 on a trip to Lebanon I was asked to share my testimony at a conference. God touched many healing them of shame and the inability to learn. One woman struggled with ADD and as she was prayed for she felt an electric shock in her head. She said instantly she received clarity and received peace in her mind. The only thing I have found more life changing then receiving my healing has been God using me to release it to others.