Treasure Hunt


We had the clues red, bicycle, railroad tracks, a “T” logo, park bench, Alfred Lord Tennyson (author), blue, green, white hair, dark spiky hair, right elbow and ankle.  We first went to the Jefferson Avenue footbridge on Commercial Street, but there weren’t park benches there.  We walked around for a while, but decided to go to Grant Beach Park instead.

When we arrived, Claire remembered that she had seen a pool, but hadn’t written it down.  Sitting on a park bench facing the pool was a man with white hair, blue jeans, blue plaid shirt, blue jeans jacket, reading a book (at a park with a pool and a train on a track).  We approached him and learned his name is Wolf.  I showed him my list – the one with right elbow and ankle on it – and asked if any of the items applied to him.

He said that 15 years ago his right ankle had been injured on the job and he had trouble with it ever since.  We prayed for his ankle on the spot. Then we asked if there was anything else he needed prayer for.  He told us he needed a bicycle (another item on the list!) to go to Nebraska for work.  We prayed for that and the provisions to get there.  As we walked away, Ed remembered that he had a bicycle at the church, so he went back and asked Wolf to wait for him to come back with it.  We went to the church, got the bike, and returned and gave it to him.  He was very, very grateful and excited that God had done this for him, and we were all grateful to have been useful.