Most all of us are at home, not necessarily because that is what we have chosen, but because of the virus floating around the world. We have been required to remain at home in order that we not become infected or cause the virus to spread.

During this unusual time, I have been asking the Lord to reveal to me my assignment. There must be something that He expects of us. Right? Yes!

Every day is a day for which to be thankful; every day is a day to praise His Name; every day is a day in which we can love one another!

With nothing else to distract us, this should be easier than normal! Let’s go for it. Let’s lift our voices and make our praises heard around the world! There are so many that yet do not know Him, those that are caught up in the problems of the world. Our lives can reveal the joy that we have in the Lord, a joy that the Lord told the disciples would be in them and would remain. It’s ours, too.

So, let us go and spread the joy around – how the world needs it!