Sally's Journal


January 2021 - Refocus

Hope is such a positive word! We know that the meaning of hope is the anticipation and expectation of good.

In our study of the New Testament, we never read of a time when Jesus appeared to feel “hopeless”. Even as He entered the Garden of Gethsemane just before He was arrested, He walked as one knowing what was before Him and not hesitating to face it. He was fulfilling His Father’s purpose for His life.

But if our focus is on negatives, our hope will slowly erode or dissolve. This is not the kind of life our Lord desires us to live. We must align ourselves with Him – with the way He purposes us to live.

It is time for the church to refocus. We MUST fellowship with hope again. Hope is our friend. Hope gives us a positive mindset; we can begin to believe for good things to occur.

In living a hope-filled life, JOY will begin to flow from us. And our world needs more JOY!