The Ponderings of Mary

The Ponderings of Mary

We read in Luke 2:19, “But Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart.”

Mary had experienced many phenomenal things within a short period in her young life.
She had been visited by the Angel Gabriel who brought some incredible news: Though she was engaged to a man named Joseph, she was a virgin and now to her amazement she is told by the angel that she would bare a son whom she would name Jesus.

Mary, the soon-to-be Mother of Jesus, had so much to think on and ponder. It is hard to imagine the conflicting thoughts that must have flooded her mind. How grateful we are to Mary, who was able to hear this amazing news with great belief and so much humility, despite the challenges that she knew lay ahead. How relieved she must have been when Joseph stayed by her side through her pregnancy.

After His birth, Mary heard the report of the shepherds who had received the announcement of His birth from the chorus of angels. And then later heard the joy expressed by those who had long-awaited Jesus’ arrival – Simeon and Anna.

Surely Mary’s heart was filled with gratitude as she pondered about all these things.