The Breath of God

The Breath of God

Have you ever sat before God and asked Him to give you a better understanding of the wonder, the power of His breath. When I think about it, I am awed at the incredible value of His breath, and in that I see so many things about our God!

I often first think about His Creative Power at work. For it all began as God gathered dust from the earth of His Creation, formed it into man and then breathed life into our nostrils. As He did so, the dust came alive. We might note that God’s breath is not imparted to animals. Only mankind is formed in God’s image. We might also note that humans alone have a moral conscience and are spiritually aware.

God’s breath sustains life in us until that time comes when death approaches, at which time man returns to dust and our life in Him continues eternally. Human life depends completely on the One who created life.

When believers meet together today, we often cry out for God to breathe on us. We seem to believe and know that there is yet more to be discovered about His breath and the power of His breath.

Could it be that the mighty windstorm that filled the house where the disciples of Jesus were gathered on the day of Pentecost was indeed the very breath of God, imparting even more of Himself into them – His power and amazing gifts!

We cry out today with great passion, “Breathe on us, Breath of God! Fill us, prepare us for all that You have before us to participate in – for Your Glory!!” “There is MORE!”