Developing Spiritual Grit

Developing Spiritual Grit

In this time in which we live – more than ever – we must:

  1. Know who we are.
  2. We must have a spiritual stamina that can endure hardships, difficulties, or unknown circumstances.

This is to be a time when we aren’t afraid to do anything the Lord asks of us or speak anything He gives to us to speak.

We must be ready to go beyond any place we’ve gone before. That going requires determination, brave perseverance, conquered fear, stubborn courage, a growing faith and an intimate relationship with the Lord.

I do believe this is where the Lord would have us go if we are to see the amazing harvest come in. Along with this, of course, we must be filled with love, mercy, grace and trustworthiness.

The simplest way I could describe this is to say that we must develop SUPERNATURAL SPIRITUAL GRIT!