Breakthrough in the Night

Breakthrough in the Night

Even though I have had peace ever since our daughter, Rachel, passed away, I have been quite vulnerable emotionally. I have struggled with the thought of knowing she would not be on the other end of the phone or that I would not hear that she was preparing for a new course she was to teach (she would always share these kinds of things with me).


These are just a few of my memories of her. And though we didn’t get to see her a lot, we knew she was just a couple of hours away in Columbia.


One night several weeks ago, I woke hearing the word “release”. My thoughts went quickly to a family who had just informed us that they were leaving the church. Though sad, when I heard “release”, I quickly released them to the Lord. Yet I could tell there was something more, something greater connected with that word.


The Lord then brought to mind my daughter. I thought I had released her at the time she passed away, but I knew the Holy Spirit was telling me the Father had more for me to do. It wasn’t just a ‘letting go of her’; it was releasing her into the amazing inheritance that was before her as His child. I then had an incredible personal experience.


As I spoke the words of release, it was as though a weight I hadn’t been aware of lifted from me and I breathed deeply, taking back something I had lost. I had lost sight of the awesome place of her eternal life.


She was released into His care; she is with Him, experiencing life beyond anything she knew as a mortal and understanding love to be more than she ever hoped it to be. She is now where we believe, as His children, we will be one day – fully in His Presence, enamored with Who He is.