The Door is Open

The Door is Open

As it the warm, fresh air and the new growth taking place. Most of us have been bundled up in our homes through the cold weather and the change in weather seems to call us to “come out and enjoy this!”

In responding to this call, let us ask the Holy Spirit to stir up a passion in us that’s full of fire to reach out to those that don’t know Jesus. They will be out there, too.

I believe warmth is an expression of His love, one that wraps itself around us, embracing us. And we have experienced this love and have it in us, even now, though we may have first experienced it 50 years ago or more.

His love is what we step out of our homes with. His love compels us (2 Cor 5:14). We take it to those who have not experienced it, and we are blessed to see their lives transformed.

2020 – a year of acceleration! Shouldn’t bringing the lost to Christ be part of this acceleration? Without Christ, people are without hope! We have that Hope within us. He should be ALIVE and well within us; so much so that He is on our lips (Rom 10:8; Deut. 30:14), ready to be shared at all times.

Spring is coming; the door is open. Take that step out!!